homepage of Lajos Brons
Music, like text and thought, is a medium of exploration. Most of the music I write and/or play is explorative in at least one of the following two senses: (1) it seeks to merge different genres, styles, and influences (i.e. jazz, doom/death metal, industrial, modern classical music, noise, Asian traditional music, etc.); and/or (2) it is based on an approach to aesthetics focused on finding "beauty" in not traditionally "beautiful" contexts (i.e. urban jungles, decay, dissonance, noise, industrial landscapes, complex or disrupted patterns, etc.).
Some of my music is, perhaps, better classified as "sound art" (although I do not claim that it is "art" in any sense of that term) and is mostly improvised. My former solo project "Gate" is, perhaps, the best example hereof. I also sometimes play in bands/ensembles, and compose music. For more about the latter, see the "compositions" page.

active projects
幻外但亂 (huen nguai dhan luan) — solo project; symphonic drone-doom with various other influences.
  ⇒ bandcamp.

CD releases
Gate (2013), Sekai, Fluttery Records. [listen / buy]
● Gate (2011), Deconstructed, Fluttery Records. [listen / buy]
● Gate (2010), Iterations, Fluttery Records. [listen / buy]
● ∀x,t[(x∈U)t→∃t'[t'>t∧∼(x∈U)t']] with Ego Death (2010), No self, Smell the Stench Records. Split/collaborative CDR (sold out)
● Gate (2009), No exit, Fluttery Records. [listen / buy]
● Gate (2009), Discomfort, Pet Goat Records. CDR (sold out)

selected past projects
Pulver — solo project; avant-garde metal / pop / crust / various other influences.
  ⇒ bandcamp.
Gate — solo improvisation; experimental / noise / free music / sound art / industrial / drone / ...
  ⇒ homepage / fluttery records / bandcamp.
草冠 (kusa kanmuri) — band; instrumental post-rock / doom metal / jazz / progressive metal.
∀x,t[(x∈U)t→∃t'[t'>t∧∼(x∈U)t']] (for all x t...) — solo (remixed) improvisation; experimental drone-doom / noise / ambient.
Ulan Dalai — band; post-metal / post-core.
Technirama — band; experimental jazz / fusion.
Eyeballslugger — band; jazz / post-rock / post-metal.
And many other projects, sessions, and cooperations.